Allan and Melanie Sadsad

Couple for Christ New Zealand - National Director
Allan and Melanie Sadsad


When I was a child my late grandmother told me a story during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines in the mid 1940s on how she was nearly abducted by a group of more or less 5 Japanese soldiers. She was saved that day from harm and the possibility of death.

I could not forget the details of that terrifying day and the possibility that If it weren’t for my great grandparents courage, she would have not possibly been saved or even worst could have not survived. This leads me to the thinking that my mother could have not been born and myself.

One of her secrets when she was still with us was she was very devoted to our Mama Mary.

I would wake up early in the morning and would see her praying the Holy Rosary. This I continued to practice as well specially when times are very difficult for me in my younger teenage years.

From my personal experience , our Mama Mary’s powerful intercession never ceases to amaze me .She is always there as our mother ready to intercede on our behalf as her children.

In these times of need and specially of the challenging moral issues we  face globally, we the Couples for Christ New Zealand is one in prayer for  God’s grace for all of us .One in praying the Holy Rosary for the intentions of our holy Church.